Wood as packaging material


Wood is the result of the phenomenon of photosynthesis that occurs in the trees and a stored form of solar energy. Wood products because of their direct link with the environment are the most friendly regarding to this.

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While in the production of other packaging materials such as paper and plastic are released into the atmosphere huge amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2), the direct treatment of wood reduces the increase of greenhouse gases.


Wood is a material widely used for packaging agricultural products, especially fruits and vegetables. The advantages of this type of packaging is the durability and proper maintenance of the products it contains. (The wooden packaging due to the organic status of the can achieve great breathability providing longer life of products.)

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The wood packaging are able to withstand under the difficult conditions of transport. Also, wood has antibacterial properties thereby preventing the generation of microorganisms. For these reasons it is preferable to a large extent on the transfer of sensitive and fragile products, and in recent years the aesthetics of wooden boxes has improved greatly.

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Large role in this change has played using special timber products such as plywood in the construction of boxes. With this material allow construction more convenient and more elegant packaging products.


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Apart from the use of wood for the construction of crates,it is widely used as tertiary packaging in the form of pallets. This kind of package is used for easier transportation and storage of various goods. These surfaces of loading are a packaging product which is widely used in all sectors of the industry since there is no corresponding product by another material that can replace it.


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Our company in order to reduce its energy footprint, manages residues - residues arising from the manufacture of wood products in the best possible way, having these quantities in pellet production companies. (The pellets or wood pellets are renewable solid biofuels of high quality by recycled materials.)


Pellet is the only fuel with zero CO2 emission balance and minimal existence of the Divine SO2 to fossil fuels. During their combustion does not smoke, does not emit dangerous gases, do not pollute the environment.